Stephen Larkin

Stephen Larkin

Chief Innovation Officer, Aziza Project

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Stephen Larkin founded Africa New Energies (ANE) with a simple vision: to use the unique mathematical abilities of an eclectic group of scientists to find natural gas and provide the more than 600 million Africans who currently lack access to electricity access to light and power. Namibia was the first government to award ANE acreage, in which the company secured the most advantageous deal in recent memory on a concession the size of Wales.

The combination of excellent exploration results, Africa's most successful crowdfunding initiative and local community knowledge, has attracted an unsolicited bid for ANE, valuing the company in excess of $500 million. Having rejected the offer of half a billion dollars, ANE now plans to use a pending initial coin offering (ICO) to support a fundamentally new local stakeholder-owned funding model that will finance the replacement of hydrocarbons as Africa’s prime energy source in favour of renewable alternatives.

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