Rollbit Deposit Bonus 2023 – Does Rollbit Actually Have A Deposit Bonus?

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Rollbit Casino Website Overview

Rollbit is an online casino that has been rapidly growing in popularity and building a loyal following.

This is rather impressive because while they do offer decent service as an online casino thanks to their selection of games and approach to community building, their bonuses are not really that amazing, which is one of the most sensitive areas for many players.

A lot of people are constantly curious about the Rollbit deposit bonus and what it provides, but truthfully, Rollbit does not, as of this writing, offer such a bonus.

So, if you’re a beginner looking for a head start at this casino, I’m afraid there’s none.

With that being said, Rollbit is not stingy by any means. In fact, they offer tons of different ways for you to earn rewards, and many of them are actually designed quite creatively, and foster engagement from you as a player.

In this guide, I will be giving you a quick look at some of these bonuses and what they offer.

Who knows, maybe they’ll be to your liking after all!

Quick Overview of Rollbit Deposit Bonus

Bonus TypeN / A
Minimum DepositN / A
Bonus AmountN / A
Wagering RequirementN / A
TimeframeN / A
ExclusivityN / A

How To Claim Rollbit Deposit Bonus – Step by Step

sign in up on Rollbit Casino

As mentioned, there’s currently no Rollbit sign up bonus for your first deposit at this casino.

As such, I’ll be discussing some of the other benefits available at Rollbit and how you can gain access to them. The first step is to obviously get registered:

  1. Press “Register”: Press the yellow button that says “Register” in the upper right corner to begin your registration.
  2. Submit Info: Enter and submit the required information such as your username, email, and password.
  3. Log In: You will be automatically logged in to your newly-created account.

As you can see, the registration is super simple, as it doesn’t even require verifying your account email before you log in to your account.

However, I still recommend verifying your email address right away, as it gives you maximum security, as well as eligibility for all other benefits that you may be entitled to on the platform.

Below, I’ll be going into detail on what kind of bonuses are actually available on Rollbit in the absence of a deposit bonus, so keep reading on!

Specifics of Rollbit Bonuses You Should Be Aware Of

Although there’s no Rollbit no deposit bonus or other promotions of a similar kind, you shouldn’t by any means consider yourself out of luck when it comes to bonuses and promotions with this casino.

True, some of the traditional types of bonuses are not available, but there are plenty of treats that you can expect for your loyalty to this casino.

Let’s take a quick look at some of them:

Bonus Balances

Bonus Balances on Rollbit Casino

At the heart of Rollbit’s user engagement strategy is the Bonus Balance offering. You’re not just playing; you’re collaborating:

Teamplay Triumphs: Join forces with fellow players and take a shot at the team lottery, illustrating the thrill of communal victories.

NFT Deposit Magic: Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge NFTs into their system, Rollbit amplifies rewards for those at the nexus of gaming and digital collectibles.

Discord Delights: Dive into the heart of Rollbit’s community. Engage, participate, and seize your chance to top up your bonus balance.

Once these bonus balances are wagered five times, they seamlessly transition to your primary balance.

However, certain features like Crypto Trading and NFT Lootboxes remain off-limits.

And here’s a silver lining – play your cards right, and there’s a tantalizing prospect to amplify your bonus balance by 50%.

Rewards Calendar

Saluting their 2022 milestones, Rollbit introduced the Rewards Calendar. It’s more than just dates; it’s a schedule of thrills.

Every claim equips players with a 15% Rakeboost, a mechanic that shares the house’s advantage with its loyal patrons.


Every wager shines a little brighter with a guaranteed 5% Rakeback. This periodic boon, dispensed every half-hour, ensures players continuously feel the rhythm of rewards.

A direct 50% is instantly claimable, with the balance dispersed via the Rewards Calendar over three enchanting days.

Daily Bonus

Rollbit’s Daily Bonus is akin to a chameleon, reflecting the hues of your gameplay, bets, and fortunes within a day.

If untouched, this reward matures for 72 hours, offering 20% instant gratification, while the rest meanders into the Rewards Calendar across a week.

Rollbit Rank-Up Bonus

The Rank-Up Bonus is Rollbit’s toast to unwavering dedication. Wagering milestones translate into robust rewards, with a fifth instantly accessible.

The rest unfolds over three weeks on the Rewards Calendar, offering players a stretched canvas of contentment.

Rollbit Weekly and Monthly Bonuses

Week in, month out, Rollbit delivers personalized Weekly and Monthly bonuses.

Rooted in your gaming narrative, these rewards promise 20% immediate accessibility, with the balance painting the Rewards Calendar’s days.

Rollbit Rakeboost

A turbocharged Rakeback, the Rakeboost, gifts players augmented returns during specific events. It’s an ode to those who dive headfirst into the Rollbit universe.

Rollbit Rollback

Exclusively for Rollbit’s NFT elite, the Rollback merges the euphoria of gaming rewards with the digital artifact realm. The reward scale oscillates with the rarity of your cherished Rollbot NFT.

Rollbit Daily Race

Rollbit Daily Race

The thrill of competition gets real with a daily face-off boasting a $25,000 bounty. Among the warriors, the top 50 emerge victorious, and the alpha player bags a whopping $10,000.

Rollbit Free Sidebets

A novel spin on gaming, Sidebets lets enthusiasts forecast slot outcomes. Launched with a generous $5,000,000 giveaway in December 2022, it’s a testament to Rollbit’s relentless pursuit of groundbreaking engagements.

As you can see, I wasn’t joking when I said that Rollbit offers you tons of ways to earn additional benefits.

While they deviate from traditional norms, it’s obviously for a more dynamic, player-centric model, and many of them can even be considered a Rollbit loyalty bonus in a way, as they reward you based on frequency and involvement.

Rollbit Bonuses Likelihood of Success

Rollbit Casino games

As we saw, the Rollbit platform offers a variety of bonuses, all with varying likelihoods of success.

One significant highlight is the Bonus Balance, which requires you to wager it 5 times before transferring it to your main balance.

Based on the platform’s data, you have roughly a 50% chance of meeting this wagering requirement. 

When successful, you can potentially double your initial bonus balance, representing a significant payout.

Furthermore, the Rewards Calendar system spreads rewards over periods, encouraging frequent gameplay and enhancing the chance of reaping bonuses over time. 

With Rakeboosts, you get a percentage of the house edge back, indirectly increasing your potential returns.

It’s crucial to understand these nuances as they significantly influence the potential success rate of Rollbit’s bonuses. 

Overall, despite the fact that there’s no Rollbit deposit bonus or anything similar awaiting you upon your registration, there are tons of other promotions available, and given the transparent structure and clear guidelines, you have a fair shot at leveraging these bonuses to your advantage.

Rollbit Deposit Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the frequently asked questions regarding Rollbit:

How do you get bonus on Rollbit?

This depends on the particular bonus in question. I have discussed most of the available bonuses at Rollbit in detail above.

For more accurate and up to date information, I recommend reading through the terms and conditions of each individual bonus.

How do I use Rollbit code?

Rollbit codes can be entered in the “Cashier” section by pressing “Coupons” and entering them in the “Redeem Coupon Code” field.

What does “Rollbit deposit bonus” mean?

A Rollbit deposit bonus would be a bonus that is provided to you upon your first deposit at Rollbit.

However, Rollbit does not currently offer such a bonus.

How do you earn Rollbit free spins?

Rollbit free spins are periodically offered through different kinds of promotions.

For exact information, make sure to check the rewards section to see if there are any available.