LTC Casino No Deposit Bonus 2023 – Is There Such A Bonus Here? Or Any Bonus, Really?

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LTC Casino Website Overview

LTC Casino is a crypto gambling platform that doesn’t offer anything overly exceptional. It has a reasonable selection of games, a decent UI, and acceptable customer service.

Where it does show exceptionality is its dedication to its users’ privacy and anonymity.

Indeed, it’s a casino that strives to be fully anonymous and thus is sometimes attractive to such a player base.

Another thing where LTC Casino is exceptional, though, is that they do not offer any bonuses.

Yes, you read that right – LTC Casino does not offer any kind of promotions like welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, etc.

So, for those who were so eagerly interested in the LTC Casino no deposit bonus, I’m afraid there isn’t one.

LTC Casino does, however, offer at least something when it comes to promotions.

They have a weekly tournament which they call “Slot Races”, where you can earn a certain amount of cash prizes as well as free spins from a $15,000 prize pool. 

That’s the promotion that I’ll be discussing in today’s guide, so if you’re just starting out with LTC Casino, you’re not all out of luck.

Let us get right into it!

Quick Overview of LTC Casino Slots Race Tournament

Quick Overview of LTC Casino Slots Race Tournament

Bonus TypeTournament
Minimum DepositN / A
Bonus AmountN / A
Wagering Requirementx3 For Cash Prizes, x10 For Free Spins
Timeframe7 Days
ExclusivityFree Spins Issued For “Alien Fruits”

How To Join LTC Tournament – Step by Step

How To Join LTC Tournament

  1. Press “Sign Up”: Press the button in the upper-right corner that says “Sign Up” so you can begin the creation of your account.
  2. Enter Info: Enter and submit the required information such as your email and password.
  3. Verify Account: Verify your account, specifically your email for your account, by following the instructions in the verification email sent by LTC Casino.
  4. Log In: After your account is created and verified, go ahead and log in with the info you provided.
  5. Deposit And Start Playing: Make your first deposit and start playing the games at LTC Casino.

That’s pretty much it – register, make your deposit, and start playing the games available at LTC Casino.

You will be automatically enrolled into the tournament and every bet you wager will contribute to your standing in the tournament.

Below, I’ll be diving into the fine details that come with this promotion.

Specifics of LTC Casino Tournament You Should Be Aware Of

The $15,000 Slots Race Tournament at LTC Casino introduces a competitive element in a kind of a unique way, splitting the month into four distinct stages. Each stage kicks off and concludes every Friday at 00:00 UTC.

For players, this format presents four separate opportunities to win from a prize pool that consists of 3,500 USDT and 5,000 free spins per stage.

What differentiates this tournament is its crypto-centric nature: only bets made with cryptocurrency in slots qualify for the leaderboard.

This not only adds an exciting twist but also promotes the use of digital currency in online gaming.

Rankings are transparently based on the total wagered amount, ensuring that everyone knows exactly where they stand. Should players emerge victorious, the rewards come with favorable conditions.

Furthermore, the tournament’s efficient system ensures that winnings are automatically credited post each stage’s completion, with a two-day window for activation.

Wagering Requirements

In the LTC Casino’s $15,000 Slots Race Tournament, the wagering requirements for prizes are designed to be player-friendly.

For cash prizes won during the race, you need to wager the amount a mere three times (x3) before they can cash out. 

On the other hand, winnings derived from free spins come with an x10 wagering requirement. This means that if you win using the free spins, the winnings need to be wagered ten times before they can be withdrawn.

These requirements must be met within a 7-day window from the prize’s activation, ensuring a fair playing field while maintaining excitement.

Accepted Games

Accepted Games for LTC Casino

The LTC Casino’s Slots Race Tournament specifically caters to slot game enthusiasts. While many tournaments might limit the selection of accepted games, this race opens the arena to all slot games available at LTC Casino.

However, there’s a unique twist: only bets made using cryptocurrency in these slots will contribute to a player’s position in the tournament. 

This narrows the focus, emphasizing the casino’s commitment to promoting digital currency in gaming.

Among the featured slots is BGaming’s Alien Fruits, which is exclusively chosen for issuing the free spins.

It’s this careful blend of game variety and crypto-centric betting that sets the tournament apart.

Withdrawal Terms

The LTC Casino’s Slots Race Tournament offers straightforward and efficient withdrawal terms, ensuring that you can access your winnings with minimal hassle.

After successfully meeting the wagering requirements—x3 for cash prizes and x10 for free spins winnings—you are free to initiate a withdrawal. 

The prizes are automatically credited after each stage’s completion and must be activated within a 2-day window. You have 7 days to meet the wagering conditions.

LTC Casino Tournament Likelihood of Success

LTC Casino Tournament Likelihood of Success

Based on the factors discussed for LTC Casino’s $15,000 Slots Race Tournament, players at LTC Casino stand a promising likelihood of success with the offered bonuses.

The tournament’s structure, divided into four stages each month, provides multiple opportunities to clinch a win. 

The clear and feasible wagering requirements, set at x3 for cash prizes and x10 for free spins, are more favorable than many industry standards, increasing the chances of turning a bonus into actual withdrawable funds.

The emphasis on cryptocurrency wagers in slots ensures a niche but growing market of crypto-gamers can fully participate. 

Furthermore, the timely automatic credit of winnings post each stage, combined with the streamlined withdrawal terms, means players experience fewer hurdles in accessing their rewards. 

Lastly, the support offered by LTC Casino, ready to clarify any rules or issues, amplifies your chances of success by keeping you well-informed and engaged.

All in all, while there is no LTC Casino no deposit bonus or other similar promotions, the tournament and what it offers are quite reasonable, so you can expect at least some appreciation for your time spent at LTC Casino.

LTC Casino No Deposit Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

Check out answers to some of the questions about LTC Casino bonuses:

What is the bonus for Litecoin casino?

LTC Casino does not offer any bonuses and promotions as of now.

However, they do host a weekly tournament with a total prize pool of $15,000.

For more information, read the guide above.

Do I need a promo LTC Casino promo code for this promotion?

No, there is no requirement for any kind of promo code to partake in this tournament.

All players are automatically participating after they deposit and wager their funds in the games at the casino.

What casino has the highest no-deposit bonus?

This depends on several different factors such as timing, eligibility, and the type of bonus provided.

For more information, check out my in-depth reviews of casinos where I go into full detail on bonuses offered.