Mirax Casino Free Spins 2023 – All The Details That You Need To Know

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Mirax Casino Website Overview

Online casinos have rapidly grown in popularity over the last decade, with countless platforms vying for the attention of digital gamers.

One of the ways in which the casinos achieve this is by offering attractive bonuses and promotions.

Indeed, the casinos that are the most generous are often the most beloved by their players.

Mirax Casino, truth be told, is definitely not among the casinos that have left me impressed when it comes to bonuses, and this, of course, includes the Mirax Casino free spins as well. 

As we will learn in this guide, there are indeed easy ways to earn free spins in this casino, but when it comes to the tangible benefits of the bonus itself and the terms and conditions surrounding it, it left the feeling of more to be desired.

In this article, I’ll be diving into the specifics of the casino’s free spin bonuses, their associated wagering requirements, and the terms of use.

By understanding these facets, you can, as a potential player, make informed decisions about your online gaming experiences.

So, read on for an in-depth analysis!

Quick Overview of Mirax Casino Free Spins

Quick Overview of Mirax Casino Free Spins

Bonus TypeDeposit Bonus Free Spins
Minimum DepositN / A
Bonus Amount100 Free Spins + 100% Match
Wagering Requirementx45 / x35
Timeframe14 Days
ExclusivityAvailable For Select Games

How To Claim Mirax Casino Free Spins – Step-by-Step

How To Sign Up On Mirax Casino

  1. Press “Sign Up”: Start creating your Mirax Casino account by pressing the blue sign-up button in the upper-right corner.
  2. Submit Info: Enter and submit the required information such as your email and password.
  3. Verify Your Email: You should receive an email from Mirax Casino. Verify your account with that.
  4. Log In: Log in with your newly created and activated account.
  5. Make A Deposit: Make your first deposit.

That’s all the steps for claiming the bonus. Register, log in, make your first deposit, and the 100 free spins are yours – along with a 100% match of your deposit.

As I mentioned, these are the free spins that we get in the form of our first deposit bonus, and I found this to be the fastest way to get the free spins at Mirax Casino. 

In the past, there was a Mirax Casino 40 free spins promotion that would get you 40 free spins as a signup bonus upon entering the code “MX40”, but, as of now, the promotion does not appear to be available anymore.

Below, I’ll be going into the details of the bonus, such as the terms and conditions and what you need to know to make the most out of it. 

Specifics of Mirax Casino Free Spins You Should Be Aware Of

As I mentioned, the 100 free spins are provided after the first deposit along with a 100% match of your deposit.

This itself is the initial step of a four-part deposit bonus that you get as a newcomer at Mirax, with all three deposits providing you with different rewards.

The second deposit provides you with 50 free spins and a 75% match, the third deposit with a 50% match, and the fourth one with a 100% match, with the required promo codes being “W2”, “W3” and “W4” Respectively. 

These free spins, totaling 150 from the first and the second deposit, serve not just as an introduction but an immersion, allowing you to explore the diverse world of slots that Mirax Casino offers.

Apart from the initial deposit bonuses, I also found other avenues to earn free spins at Mirax Casino.

By partaking in different weekly tournaments, you stand a chance to win up to 500 possible additional free spins. This introduces a competitive yet rewarding element to gameplay. 

Moreover, upon reaching VIP status, you have an opportunity to receive a whopping 2,000 free spins Both the tournaments and the VIP status not only provide extended playtime but also increase the possibility of bigger wins.

Wagering Requirements

Mirax Casino, like any other online platform, comes with specific stipulations for its free spins. Before you can cash out any winnings resulting from these spins, you must meet a wagering requirement of 45x for the first deposit bonus, and 35x for the second bonus. 

This means that if you win a certain amount using free spins, that amount needs to be wagered 45 times over in the case of your first deposit bonus before you can withdraw. 

It’s crucial for you to be aware of and understand these requirements. While they might seem stringent, they’re a standard practice in the industry, meant to maintain a balance between your benefits and casino operations.

Accepted Games

Accepted Games for Mirax Casino Free Spins

At Mirax Casino, the allocation of free spins is not dispersed across all games.

The allowed games may differ based on the promotion itself. Looking at a specific example of the four-part welcome bonus, the first deposit free spins are available for the Candy Monsta game by BGaming, whereas the second deposit free spins can be used on the Johnny Cash game.

Due to this variability, I recommend always checking the specific conditions of the bonus you’re partaking in.

Some of you may be unhappy that you can’t use those free spins at your favorite slot game, while some of you couldn’t care less. 

Either way, this focused alignment showcases the casino’s intent to spotlight specific games at specific times, thereby channeling players to experience some of their standout slot games.

Slot aficionados are, therefore, directed towards a game that promises both excitement and potential rewards. 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s always a wise choice for you to review the terms and conditions, ensuring that you’re fully aware of the game’s specifics that might influence your gameplay decisions.

Withdrawal Terms

When it comes to withdrawing winnings garnered from free spins at Mirax Casino, there are clear terms you should be cognizant of.

I would recommend visiting the bonus terms and conditions page for a clear understanding, but let’s look at a few of the terms here. 

Firstly, there’s a cap on the withdrawal amount, set at $50. This means that regardless of the sum won using free spins, only up to $50 can be cashed out. I personally found this rule to be quite annoying.

Additionally, as mentioned, you need to wager the free spin winnings 35 times before you can withdraw. Beyond these two, there are other nuances to be taken into account, but as mentioned, make sure to a read through the terms and conditions.

It’s crucial for you to be aware of these conditions, so you can approach your gameplay with clear expectations.

While these stipulations might seem stringent to some, it’s essential to remember that these spins are bonuses and are being provided at no extra cost.

They serve as a means to enjoy extended play and potentially boost one’s bankroll, even with limitations.

Mirax Casino Free Spins Likelihood of Success

Mirax Casino Welcome Bonuses Overview

Mirax Casino’s free spins offer you a chance to test your luck and potentially bolster your bankroll.

Given the decent amount of 150 spins spread across the initial deposits, you receive ample chances to give a go at some of the games at the casino in a risk-free way.

Truth be told, the $50 cap for free spin earnings, coupled with the 45x wagering requirement for the first deposit bonus and the 35x for the second deposit bonus, didn’t get me all that excited about this bonus.

But hey, it’s it’s better than nothing. In general, I would say it’s about managing your expectations and playing strategically.

In sum, while success isn’t guaranteed in the world of online casinos, Mirax Casino’s free spins, while certainly not among the most exciting ones I’ve seen, do in small part enhance the likelihood of a fruitful outcome for diligent players.

Mirax Casino Free Spins Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the answers to questions related to free spins at Mirax Casino:

What is the free spin code for Mirax Casino?

This depends on which bonus you’re claiming the free spins from.

For the free spins that you get from your first deposit bonus, there is no code required.

For the second part of this four-part promotion, you need to enter the code “W2”. Checking out the terms and conditions of the relevant bonus is recommended.

Is Mirax Casino legit?

Yes, Mirax Casino is a legitimate online casino licensed by legitimate legal authorities.

Are casino bonuses real?

Yes, as long as the casino in question is legitimate, the bonuses are real.

However, it’s worth noting that sometimes the perceived benefits may seem more enticing than the realistically achievable outcomes from them. 

Thus, I would recommend always keeping yourself informed of the relevant terms and conditions of any bonus in question.