Ron Garan

Ron Garan

Co-Founder, 5th Element Group

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Ron's a highly decorated Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot, Explorer, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian who believes that appropriately designed/targeted social enterprise can solve many of the problems facing our world. Ron traveled over 71M miles in 2842 orbits of our planet over 178 days in space & conducted 4 spacewalks. He flew on both the Space Shuttle & Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Ron's also an aquanaut & has conducted research in the world's only undersea laboratory. Ron's last NASA assignment was in NASA's Open Innovation Initiative, which seeks to increase transparency, collaboration, & innovation within government. In this capacity Ron was involved in many global mass collaboration & citizen science programs. Ron is also a serial entrepreneur founding multiple business enterprises/social-impact focused startups. Ron is a Co-founder of 5th Element Group & the author of the highly acclaimed book, "The Orbital Perspective" - Lessons in Seeing the Big Picture From A Journey of 71 Million Miles"

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