Jon Leonard

Jon Leonard

CEO, Tautachrome

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Jon is a serial innovator. He has spent his professional life working at the edges of human knowledge, bringing discovery into practice. At the start of his career, as the youngest scientist at the China Lake Naval Weapons Lab, Jon conceived payloads for the first naval satellite experiments, and wrote the first 6 degree of freedom simulator for high speed physical objects in air.

Later at Logicon, Inc. he developed methods for verifying the guidance software code in the Minuteman ICBMs. After this work, Jon joined Hughes Aircraft as a Chief Scientist, where he fostered Hughes’ advanced factory automation and neural network based automatic target recognition. After Hughes Jon founded and developed the funding for several technology-based startup companies: BPM Technology, Inc., CALMEC, poofaway. Jon received his BS in Physics and his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Arizona, and his MS in Engineering from UCLA. He is the sole or co-author of a number of US patents.

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