WAGMI: We All Gonna Make It and The True Meaning of Crypto GAINZ

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What does “WAGMI” mean?

WAGMI is an acronym for the words “we’re all going to make it.” One distinguishing characteristic of crypto trading is that, unlike in tardfi, everyone wants to see everyone else get rich.

So the rallying cry isn’t “I’m gonna make it,” it’s “we’re all going to make it” or WAGMI.

“WAGMI” Is the Unofficial Slogan of Crypto

WAGMI is a core value of crypto. Because maybe the real money is the frens we made along the way.

Core tenets of crypto:

Squad wealth > Maximizing your spot on a leaderboard
Relationships > Profits
Having fun > Value extraction

WAGMI— Daryl Lau (Lau, Lau) 👘 (@Daryllautk) October 12, 2021

“WAGMI” Provides a Much Needed Pick Me Up

WAGMI in the NFT World

WAGMI is possibly an even stronger sentiment in the NFT space. Artists look for friends, mutual support, and allies, not enemies and rivals.

WAGMI Is About More Than Just Crypto

Corporate WAGMI

The CEXes are trying to get in on the game. Don’t let them, Anon!

Not Everyone Is On Board

Some believe that the concept of WAGMI is designed to keep people complacent. A conspiracy within a conspiracy if you will, designed to keep the nocoiners poor by trusting too much to fate.

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