Apenomics: What Does it Mean to “Ape Into” Something in Crypto + DeFi?

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What does Apenomics mean?

Apenomics is a word that combines the words “economics” and “ape.” When you “ape in” you throw way more money than is reasonable into a highly dubious project. It’s another way of saying “YOLO” in the world of Defi.

The rules of tardfi don’t always apply in the world of crypto and defi.

The new economics is apenomics, the economics of apes acting together.

Apenomics Is Reality

Whether you ape or have paper hands, you have to know your basic apenomics. Knowing how apes move is necessary for making it.

Can also be used when trying to explain some TA (technical analysis) jargon or tokenomics (how tokens are issued to users) to noobs/plebs:

Can also be used as a celebration of the egalitarian spirit found in DeFi:

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