Looks Rare: What Does it Mean if Your NFT Looks Rare?

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What does “Looks Rare” mean?

“Looks Rare” is a way of judging Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Sometimes it is used in a serious manner and sometimes it is not.

When the term is genuine, the person really believes their NFT combines several “rare” traits, making it a solid investment to hold with a high ROI.

…Or You Just Hope It Does.
But someone who says “Looks Rare” might also be engaged in wishcasting about their latest NFT purchase.

As a Metajoke About NFTs
Like many other terms in our glossary, “looks rare” can also be a metajoke about the very concept of NFT rarity, for example to describe a car…

…or refer to a token’s chart position…

…or as a metajoke about the concept of rarity.

Even Snoop Dogg thinks it looks rare:

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