Victoria Saucier

Victoria Saucier

Managing Partner, Ignite 500

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Victoria Saucier is the Managing Partner at Ignite 500, an investments group with a diversified portfolio of technology, media and healthcare companies I CEO of Gainfy, AI and blockchain healthcare company I Mentor and advisor to companies developing blockchain and AI applications to solve inefficiencies in varies industries.

Ms. Saucier has over 20 years of experience in business development and capital investments.

She is an advocate of impact investing and empowering entrepreneurs with groundbreaking technologies to drive innovation, create impactful social change and foster global economic growth. Because of her leading work in this space, she represented the US Delegation at the Global Entrepreneur Summit in India and Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Summit in UAE in 2017.

Ms. Saucier is a public speaker and serves on numerous advisory boards. She is fluent in four languages with degrees in linguistics, clinical medicine, business and economics.

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