Simona Mola

Simona Mola

Manager, Bates White Economic Consulting

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At Bates White, I conduct independent valuations of different types of crypto projects, including ICOs.

We work with both sell-side and buy-side participants, as well as law firms in the context of legal disputes. These valuations are important because, for example, entrepreneurs can use them in their business plans as they describe their projects to investors.

Prior to joining Bates White, I was Assistant Director at the SEC, where I directly oversaw the economic analyses of several capital formation rules (Crowdfunding, Reg A+, Reg D, etc.).

I'd love the opportunity to speak at your conference. I recently talked at a number of conferences. For example, I presented at the 2018 Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City (July 12); at the ICO Roundtable organized by Stevens Institute of Technology (June 1); and at LSTA "Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & ICOs" conference in New York (May 22).

I also published articles on valuing cryptos/ICOs and on regulatory issues related to ICOs.

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