Pierre Noizat

Pierre Noizat

Founder & CEO, Blockchain.io

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Cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2011, Pierre is the CEO of Paymium, a startup he co-founded as one of the world’s first Bitcoin exchange and Bitcoin payment solution provider. Prior to Paymium, Pierre worked for Orange, a global Telecom Operator on innovative solutions in the field of contactless technology and security.

Pierre also worked on cryptography applied to digital television projects from 1991 through 2000, for the launch of DirectTV in the USA and for Canal+ in France.

He is now a recognized worldwide expert in the cryptocurrency industry and the co-Founder of the French bitcoin association. He has authored numerous books and articles about Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Pierre is a speaker at major conferences on the subject, such as the Bitcoin Super Conference, The New York Bitcoin conference, Wired Retail, Vivatech and PayForum in Paris. Pierre holds an MSc from Ecole Polytechnique, France’s leading Engineering School, and a MBA Degree from Columbia University in New York.

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