Lionel Wolberger

Lionel Wolberger

CTO and co-founder, Platin.io

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Dr. Lionel Wolberger has been a cryptocurrency and blockchain evangelist since he served as Chairman of the Blockchain XRI Names Registry on behalf of the Oasis Standards Body. Already a cryptographic expert having worked with Prof. Adi Shamir for many years deploying cryptographically secured multi-million dollar systems for Fortune 100 companies such as Cisco, Cox, MTV, News America Marketing, QVC, Get, Voo, and many leading enterprises in India, China and Europe, Lionel became an early advocate for decentralized web services.

Lionel has experience deploying systems used by tens of millions of people on almost every continent (Cox Cable, News America Marketing, European Cable, DirecTV). Lionel currently serves on the W3C committees for Verifiable Claims and Distributed Identifiers.

A Privacy by Design ambassador and a Cisco Security Ninja, Lionel is a career technologist with a wide-ranging experience set including mathematics, technology, enterprise leadership, as well as a PhD.

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