Karim Babay

Karim Babay

CEO, Intrinsic Value Investment Partners

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Mr. Babay is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Intrinsic Value Investment Partners, a hedge fund that is value focused. Concurrently, Mr. Babay is Chairman & CEO of HealthSapiens, a decentralized healthcare provider that delivers on-demand access to healthcare across 50 states. Mr. Babay started his Wall Street career at Lehman Brothers’ Mergers and Acquisition department. As a result of his stellar achievements, Mr. Babay was invited to join the Center of Excellence team of Principal Investing and, later joined the Capital Structure Arbitrage desk.

Mr. Babay is member of the board of director and Chairman of the compensation committee of GLYECO, a publicly traded company. Mr. Babay also is a member of the Board of Directors of ABANA, Overground Arts Alliance, and Chairman of the Board of the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc. (FAF). Mr. Babay received an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business.

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