Jon ShapeShift

Jon ShapeShift

Co-Founder and COO, ShapeShift AG

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Jon has been involved in the management and technical aspects of web application design and development for over 15 years. In 2014, Jon began collaboration with Bitcoin Entrepreneur Erik Voorhees on ShapeShift.io, an instant digital asset exchange. In just three years, ShapeShift has grown to be the largest digital asset exchange in the world.

After attending university, Jon got his start in web development and management by pioneering and growing one of the first competitive online gaming sites in the world. Simultaneously, he worked as the Operations Manager and Head of Staff for a custom software business applications company.

Jon’s innovative technical skills, as well as lifelong love of learning, has allowed him to become an outstanding project manager, and operational navigator, all skills that have allowed him to steer ShapeShift.io to be an internationally recognized, and respected product.

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