Brian Klein

Brian Klein

Partner, Baker Marquart LLP

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Brian Klein is partner at the Los Angeles-based litigation boutique Baker Marquart. He is an accomplished trial attorney who has extensive experience representing financial technology companies, entrepreneurs, and early adopters (including those involved with bitcoin and ICOs). Chambers recently recognized as Brian as “the leading cryptocurrency trial attorney in the USA.”

He has handled some of the first and most prominent cases in the field. As an example, he represented Bitcoin pioneer Erik Voorhees in his landmark SEC settlement. As another example, he currently represents Arthur and Kathleen Breitman, as well as their company, in connection with securities class action lawsuits involving the Tezos crowdfunding, which raised over $230 million. He formerly volunteered as the outside general counsel of the Bitcoin Foundation. He teaches a federal criminal practice seminar at USC’s law school and served as a federal prosecutor from 2007-2012.

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