Andrew Levine

Andrew Levine

Content Director, Steemit

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Andrew Levine is an attorney, investor, entrepreneur, and now Content Director at Steemit, the team behind the Steem blockchain protocol and steemit.com. The Steem blockchain processes more transactions than most blockchains combined and steemit.com is the largest social network on a blockchain with over 1,000,000 users. In 2012 Andrew founded GiverHub.com, an online portal where anyone could search for, learn about, and donate to any non-profit in the US and one of the first social networks to integrate a cryptocurrency in the form of a litecoin clone. Andrew quickly became one of the top content creators on steemit.com after it launched in June of 2016 and was soon added to the team. In addition to overseeing the production of all public communications and content for Steemit Inc., Andrew is a core member of the team and has been heavily involved in many of the non-technical aspects of the business, gaining rare insights into this entirely new sector.

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