Coinrule Review (2024): Best Way to Automate Trading?

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We continue to analyze the landscape of crypto trading and investing to determine what will best suit each member of the Libertas Bella community.

Coinrule is a Web, Android and iOS trading bot app that connects with third-party centralized exchanges to automate crypto investing. After several weeks of thoroughly testing the range of features that Coinrule offers, our verdict is Yes.

The Coinrule crypto trading bot platform presents an easy and secure way of aggregating funds, cryptocurrency trade data, and strategies from the most popular exchanges.

Flexible methods and pricing packages are suitable for first-time bot traders as well as experienced crypto traders.  

Let’s dive into the benefits of automated cryptocurrency trading with the Coinrule platform and also note a few areas we uncovered that need improvement.

Coinrule Overview 

Coinrule Overview 

Security And Safety10
Necessary Requirements8
Pricing And Fees5
Deposit and Withdrawal Methods5
Customer Support8

Who Coinrule Is Best For?

Coinrule’s user-friendly interface is most suitable for novice to intermediate crypto traders who would like to begin exploring the world of automated trading bots.

A no-KYC signup process with a free demo trading account makes Coinrule simple for beginners to get started. Low starting fees and a good selection of more advanced features will keep experienced users engaged as well.

Novice users will find comfort as soon as they sign up. A welcome email serves as a how-to guide for getting started.

First is a prompt to connect one of the 10+ popular exchanges that are integrated into Coinrule.

The tab for exchanges is also great for beginners because they can sign up to Binance and Coinbase right from the Coinrule exchange area without setting any manual parameters.

A free webinar serves as the second step in the Coinrule tutorial so that beginners can get rapidly acquainted with how to best use the platform.

The final recommendation is to begin using the free demo trading account and test the “rules” from which the Coinrule exchange name is derived. A generous $20,000 is available and users can also choose to view prices in GBP, EUR or BTC. The demo account can be reset if needed.

We were also impressed that immediately after signup, we began receiving useful emails. The first email was a link to the week’s most profitable trading strategy with the full rule parameters to either copy or modify.

The second email was promotion, but still worthwhile as it linked to the new Marketplace which serves as a curated section of the best performing strategies and custom templates for sale.

Once logged in, we loved the first prompt on the platform that serves as a quick-start into automated trading. Here you can see one of the three overall trading strategies where traders can match their preferences without any other manual input.

Coinrule Strategy Options

“Create New Strategy” links to the rules area, which leads users to the next levels of the Coinrule trading experience.

Lastly, Coinrule has a wealth of learning resources in an area called “Trading Academy.” Everything from crypto 101, to trading definitions, security, exchange setup, strategy implementation and much more will help novices graduate to higher levels as they master new skills.

Intermediate users will find a good assortment of familiar exchanges that can be connected into their Coinrule account. There are 19 options in the drop-down menu.

Only centralized exchanges can be fully connected, but we liked that DeFi was represented by Uniswap with at least an option to receive notifications.

  • Alpaca (Nasdaq)
  • Alpaca Paper (Nasdaq)
  • Binance
  • Binance Futures
  • Binance US
  • Bitget
  • Bitget Futures
  • Bybit
  • Coinbase Advanced
  • Gemini
  • Kraken
  • KuCoin
  • KuCoin Futures (New)
  • OKX (see here our exclusive review)
  • Public (Nasdaq)
  • Robinhood (Nasdaq)
  • Uniswap (Only Notify)
  • Vanguard (Nasdaq)
  • Webull (Nasdaq)

Coinbase and Binance can be connected with just a click, but each of the others come with pop-up instructions and links to either create your account on a given exchange or enter your API key and your secret key if you already have an account.

Trading Templates

After connecting exchanges, intermediate users will find great flexibility with copy trades as more than 250 trading templates are available with the ability to backtest the various methods and judge historical performance.

Trading Templates on Coinrule

Data Studio

This is another great tool for quickly reading market conditions and starting to craft personalized bot trading strategies.

The Data Studio page shows real-time prices and allows users to build a watch list. Time-range technical analysis and advanced indicators are also available here with a convenient gauge suggesting a variety of actions:

  • Strong Sell
  • Sell
  • Neutral
  • Buy
  • Strong Buy

Most valuable is a live-feed area where users can quickly access news as well as a trade feed that shows not only exact trades, but a link to view the strategy that was employed. This is one more way that intermediate users can gain enough comfort to begin designing their own trading rules.

Data Studio on Coinrule

The amount of information across the Coinrule platform might seem overwhelming even for those who feel knowledgeable in the crypto space, but their Trading Academy tutorials and additional resources can propel intermediate users to advanced traders as quickly as the capacity to learn.

Again, the value of a demo account to test every single aspect of automated trading prior to deploying real funds cannot be overstated.

Advanced users will find a full suite of features and analytical tools that will help put them at the top of the mountain for automated crypto bot trading.

Perhaps the most important benefit for advanced traders is the higher speeds for trigger scans, coming in at multiple scans per second, offering nearly real-time trading signals and executions. This is discussed more in the “Switching Between Currencies and Blockchains” section below.

Users who are comfortable setting their own trading rules can do so without needing to write code. The intuitive if-then interface highlights each choice with additional options and explanations that make creating rules ultra clear.

Building rules

The build area is as seamless as clicking “Create Rule” and entering the editing dashboard where a five-step process helps launch your own rule.

  • Choose exchange (all wallets will also appear)
  • Set conditions that will trigger a rule
  • Set definitions for one or more actions
  • Create advanced rule by adding up to five operators
  • Set launch time and frequency

All rules can also be saved as drafts or converted into personalized templates.

Rules can additionally be optimized with TradingView integration.


This is a new Coinrule feature that was added in late 2023 and offers added opportunities for advanced traders to sell their own custom templates, tutorials and connect with a wider community of traders.

Those who wish to sell their trading strategies need to apply first and get verified as an advanced trader.

These offerings are essentially enhanced templates presented by proven expert traders that are also customizable.

Marketplace on Coinrule

While this feature is still in a development phase, Coinrule promises to add much more functionality as well as more in-depth mobile options, Generative AI models, and additional analytics and transparency reports.

Who Coinrule Is Not For?

The Coinrule interface is available globally, but it is still subject to the laws and regulations of each country, please check for local restrictions. 

Absolute beginners

Coinrule – or any automated trading platform – is not the best place to begin your maiden voyage into cryptocurrency. Basic knowledge about exchanges is required, as well knowledge of basic trading terminology. 

While Coinrule does their best to offer a slew of tutorials that can help ease the user experience, this will likely be far too overwhelming for the first-time crypto entry.

Decentralization advocates

Coinrule is not trying to be deceptive, but the no-KYC signup and demo trading area is slightly misleading. The moment one wishes to trade real currency, an established account is required with one of the centralized exchanges that require KYC.

In its Terms and Conditions, Coinrule does indicate that they offer integration with non-custodial wallets and third-party products such as Uniswap, but the full host of services within Coinrule are still not available.

The company indicates an intention to expand its DeFi offerings in the future, so this bears watching and we will update this review if new features become available.

Institutional investors

Although Coinrule has admirably high trading limits for top-tier accounts, the limited number of exchanges might be a hindrance for institution-level trading.

There is a business plan available, but pricing is not advertised. There is only a small solicitation at the bottom of the pricing page which asks, “Running a Fund?” with an e-mail contact.

The limited presence of promotional materials for this category tells us that this is not the target audience for the Coinrule platform.

Coinrule Features Explained

Security and Safety

Coinrule essentially operates as a decentralized gateway to third-party centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. They achieve a very high level of security in a variety of ways.

Most importantly, although Coinrule interacts with centralized exchanges, they do not have the permissions necessary to make withdrawals from those exchanges. This keeps a wall between the Coinrule bot service and the funds that are being used off-platform.

All API keys are then stored in 256-bit AES encryption, and detached data storage is also encrypted to hold private keys. Coinrule developers do not have access to these storage areas.

Data transmission is also encrypted using TLS 1.2 between the web app, the backend of the platform and databases.

Protection from cyber-attacks is handled by Cloudflare CDN.

Coinrule also highlights that it is incumbent upon each individual to enable two-factor authentication at all times across all assets, and to beware of phishing attempts, scammers and other fraudulent activity beyond Coinrule’s direct control.

Opening An Account With Coinrule

New Coinrule users have several easy options for signing up to create an account. First is email registration and code verification. Other methods can be used to register:

  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Google

After users successfully register, they immediately qualify to invite friends to the platform for a bonus up to $200.

Pricing & Fees

Coinrule does not operate with the maker and taker fees that are standard across most crypto exchanges. Instead, there are monthly fees according to four different trading levels:

  • Starter Plan – Free. 7 templates, 1 connected exchange, up to $3K monthly trade volume.
  • Hobbyist Plan – $29.92. 40 templates, 3 connected exchanges, up to $300K monthly trade volume.
  • Trader Plan – $59.92. Unlimited templates, 5 connected exchanges, $3 million monthly trade volume.
  • Pro Plan – $449.99. Unlimited templates, unlimited exchanges, unlimited monthly trade volume.

Each level opens up added benefits, with the most valuable being the number of exchanges, increased live rules and demo rules, the number of template strategies, higher monthly trading volumes, and access to one-to-one training sessions. Hobbyist and Trader plans will also unlock access to the new Marketplace, not listed in the graphic below.

Pricing & Fees on Coinrule

All levels also receive a perk of 20% annual interest on all OKB holdings. 

A 25% discount is applied to annual payments. It is always best to check back frequently to the Coinrule home page as there are occasional limited-time-only special pricing deals.

Deposit/Subscription Methods

Coinrule operates as a subscription service that enables use of funds that users already have on exchanges.

Subscription payment can be done with the following fiat methods:

  • Stripe
  • Chargebee
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

The following crypto payment methods are available only when paying annually.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • USDC (ERC-20)
  • DAI 

Withdrawal Methods

Coinrule only employs permissions to view wallets from the various connected exchanges set up by its users.

In this case, it is a strength of the Coinrule platform that permissions are not requested for withdrawals.

Switching Between Currencies and Blockchains

Speed is a core consideration for all exchanges, but especially with automated bot trading.

Coinrule can execute within a legitimate real-time trading environment. Rules can be set to execute every minute and order placement is normally completed in under 1 second.

It is worth noting that the higher membership tiers offer more frequent trigger scans:

  • Starter: once per minute
  • Hobbyist/Trader: once every 15 to 30 seconds
  • Pro: more than once per second

History Of Downtime

Coinrule has a solid history of uptime. Although it doesn’t have its own status page, third-party tracking site SaaSHub shows a 99.9% uptime over the last 30 days with a few limited issues.

Coinrule has never been hacked.

History Of Downtime of Coinrule

Customer Support

FAQ and site-wide search function. 24/7 live chat. Email [email protected].


Coinrule vs. Alternatives

Spot Fees$499.99 (monthly fees)0.02% – 0.1%free to $129 (monthly fees)
Mobile Appyesyesyes
Countriesglobal coverage100U.S., Canada, Ecuador, Japan
Security Rating (CER)AAAAAA
Best Fornovice, intermediate, futures tradingday traders, stakingday traders, institutions
Overall Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Coinrule is in our estimation the best way to automate trading for novice and intermediate users who want a safe and secure trading environment.

Fast no-KYC sign up to begin using the free demo account is a smart way to onboard new users into the world of automated crypto trading.

A free plan Starter account is another huge bonus for those who are ready to begin live trading but would like to test features and services before upgrading to a higher trading tier.

Monthly pricing at the starting level of $29.92 and the second tier at $59.92 is reasonable.

However, the pricing at the highest tier of $500 per month is prohibitive and excludes those who might have advanced trading knowledge but haven’t yet acquired the funds to trade at this level. We would like to see one more tier added in the $100-200 month range.

Paid plans at the higher tiers are also a bit more expensive than some of Coinrule’s competition like Cryptohopper, but the offerings are not 1-1 comparable, as each platform has unique features.

The full range of features on the Coinrule platform is also not as diverse for high-tier traders as some of its competitors, but it is far less intimidating for those who are starting their journey in automated crypto trading.

Coinrule clearly has tailored its model to target those with limited to moderate experience in automated bot trading. The quick and easy connection to all of the leading centralized exchanges is a plus.

The platform has one of the most detailed and complete learning libraries we have come across. The addition of a dedicated Training Academy is perfectly designed and organized to allow all user levels to apply their knowledge to the free demo area.

A wide selection of curated trading strategies, 250+ templates and the new Marketplace for researching, selecting and analyzing the latest methodologies round out the deep and flexible options.

However, the lack of DeFi integration does prohibit Coinrule from being the absolute leader in the space for every level of trader.

We also would like to have more cryptocurrency options available to pay trading fees, and be able to pay those fees monthly rather than just yearly.

We will continue using this excellent service and will update readers as more features are hopefully added to fill in the gaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Does Coinrule Offer for Crypto Users?

Spot, futures, derivatives markets. Trading strategy Marketplace and community. Unlimited template strategies for professional traders. Deep learning library and Trading Academy. Free webinars. One-on-one trading sessions. 

How Does Coinrule Protect Its Users and Their Assets?

No third-party permissions. 256-bit AES encryption. Data transmission encryption. Detached data storage. Developers do not have access to personal info databases. Recaptcha V3 for authentication requests. Cloudflare CDN.

What Are the Costs Associated with Using Coinrule?

Demo and Starter trading accounts are free. Three more tiers of monthly fees range from $29.92 to $449.99. Annual fee payment is discounted by 25%.